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Why Didn’t You Grow?

We wonder why the performance is lackluster.  We hypothesize on why the strategy didn’t work.We theorize on why earnings didn’t increase.

And we argue reasons for why the sales didn’t climb.

But, rarely do we spend any time asking “why didn’t she or he grow”?

Recently, two prominent business news publications ran feature articles on the daunting challenge we face balancing the demands of our personal and professional lives.

A Fast Company article, What are Americans Most Stressed About, cited everything from ‘juggling too many responsibilities’ to ‘relationships’ and ‘finances’ as some of the major stressors we face in our daily lives.  What follows is even more enlightening; studies show that the way we cope with these stressors is ultimately by sleeping less, eating less, and exercising less.

Follow the dominoes a little further down the path, and you’re likely to find yourself with major health issues, lack of energy and depression.

In the April 2014 edition of Harvard Business Review (if you’re a subscriber), you can read Making Business Personal, where the authors share of their search for the deliberately developmental organization – which essentially is an “organization that is committed to developing every one of their people by weaving personal growth into daily work”.  After searching the globe, they found only 20 companies.  Ultimately, one conclusion is that “professional and personal growth in organizations are interdependent”.

Recently, I completed a 4-part series on The Path to LIFT, which seeks to further spotlight this incredible opportunity to create cultures of total growth, starting with a deep-dive focus on the person who you are.  I made the bold prediction that future development plans should incorporate aspects of LIFT, and ultimately focus on your potential as a whole person, not just a workplace person.

See, realizing that lack of growth in our personal lives ultimately impedes progress professionally and then doing something about it could be the trigger point for leaders to start building the kind of cultures that perform consistently.

And perhaps more importantly, do more than just grow numbers.

Grow people.


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