Any business can have a good year.  The challenge is whether they can do it again.

While strategy design is vital to an organization’s growth, this article is less about what is in the strategy binder and more about what you do with it. identifies the word origin of executive to come from the middle 15th century, meaning performed or carried outto execute.  Thus, quite simply, the role of the executive is to execute – to ensure that it gets done.

The question that I think you might be wrestling with most – is how. 

How can I drive my organization – with more confidence – to achieve the kind of results I desire?  How can I close the gap that exists between what I say I’m going to do (in my strategy), and what actually gets done (in execution).  Better yet – how can I make sure we start delivering in a repeatable, consistent and predictable fashion?

Year in and year out, statistics reveal that most organizations (up to 90%) fail to execute on their strategies.  In fact, I am willing to wager that poor execution is at the root of most, if not all, of your headaches, anxieties, and sleepless nights as it relates to your current job performance, and even perhaps, your long-term career aspirations.

Over 17 years working with, training, coaching and leading organizations of all sizes, there is a simple, back-to-the-basics business formula I’ve relied on to evaluate under-performance in execution.


In more cases than not, organizations unhappy with their results eventually find themselves taking a hard look at their people and the processes they use to drive the business.  Ultimately, what follows is change.

The goal is always the same.

Remove SAME from the equation.



Did you find this article thought-provoking or perhaps it struck a chord with a current challenge you’re experiencing?  Would you like to go deeper?  Join me next week – I plan to share a list of questions you can use to examine both the ‘people’ and ‘process’ aspects of how you execute your strategy.  

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