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Amazon Finance Leader Is Driven By A Bigger Mission

Our next executive interview features Amazon Finance Leader, David Kang.  Having worked for numerous large companies, David is no stranger to the battleground of balancing time with family and work. From checking in with his wife throughout the day to protecting precious time at home, David is determined to keep technology from drilling a chasm between…

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IBM Executive Takes Leadership Personally

Whatever happened to personal accountability and responsibility? It’s become too easy to point the finger, pass the buck or ask for the handout.  In a world that has conditioned us with ‘easy-way-outs’ and ‘feel good entitlements’, we’ve lost a sense of what it means to take responsibility. This week’s executive interview spotlights IBM Technology Solutions…

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6 Words That Changed This Entrepreneur’s Life Forever

Entrepreneurs and founders of startup businesses are no stranger to obstacles.  They live with them.  They wrestle with them. Day in and day out. As founders of startup businesses venture into unchartered waters, make decisions riddled with ambiguity and essentially build something from nothing, they are constantly in the mode of ‘finding a way to…

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7 Tenets Shape How This Leader Builds His Family

It’s a rarity to find executives who are required – and able – to manage both the strategic and tactical components of business.  In most cases, the strategy is delegated to the tactical team, right? Not the case for a business owner.  It’s all in their hands.  And with it, comes enormous responsibility and stress. As…

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Top-Tier Principal Prepares Tomorrow’s Leaders

It’s back to school time in Georgia. For some of us, too soon, for others – not soon enough!  With backpacks stocked, school supplies purchased, and new clothes ready to go, the new school year is in full swing. Perhaps you’ve already met your child’s teacher(s), but how much do you know about the leadership…

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24 Top Leaders Give Advice On Juggling Career and Family

You already know CircleMakers™ for our business strategy consulting and coaching services.  What you might not know is how passionate we are in sharing the message that personal growth always precedes business growth. It was the late Stephen Covey who said, “the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” As…

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