How To Access and Activate New Markets

If you’re like most organizations, several things are happening at a rapid pace during the first quarter of the year.  For one, you may be into the weeds on completing the year-end process and reporting.  However, you’re probably going to shift very quickly into activating your growth strategy for 2016, if you have one. Within…

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The Gift At The Top Of Everyone’s List

Last week, Delta Airlines announced that they were banning it from their flights.  News stations across the US reported battery issues and the propensity for it to catch fire.  And, Amazon is now urging customers to dispose of it due to safety concerns. So, what exactly is it? Apparently, it’s the hottest and hardest-to-find gift…

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3 Strategy Questions That Need Answered Before 2016

Did I happen to catch you in one of your final off-site strategy sessions? Maybe you’re heavy into whiteboarding sessions, department reviews or perhaps, rounding the edges on what will be your go-forward strategy for 2016? If so, perfect timing! As 2015 runs down the final stretch, I thought it would be timely to explore…

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How This Corporate Leader Gets Intentional With Family

Corporate Counsel and devoted sports fan, Brian Harris describes his commitment to grow as a husband and dad as “being intentional” with the people in his life who matter most. “Be intentional about your role as husband and father.  They need your leadership too.” Harris believes in surrounding himself with like-minded men who share common beliefs…

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How This Home Depot Leader Juggles Competing Priorities

Ryan Coble is not joking when he says his ’hands are full.’  Married to wife Laura and father of four children, including a set of rambunctious twins, the Cobles have learned that ‘survival’ depends on working together to juggle competing demands of careers, calendars, and commitments. Ryan shares, “One of the most effective ways I deal…

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Can Parenthood Make You A Better Leader?

I know what you’re thinking right now. How in the world could building your family be connected with your ability to lead and build people in the workplace? As a parent of four incredibly strong-willed, talented and loving children (ages 10, 8, 6 and almost 2), I’ll cut right to the chase. If you’re driven to make…

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Chief Operating Officer Aims to Change The World

At the office, this Chief Operating Officer leads a national team of 450, passionate about transforming the way schools raise money and at the same time teaching children the value of integrity, enthusiasm, leadership, and results. When he arrives home at the end of the day, he does it all over again – except, with his…

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Hospitality Industry Leader Goes All-In On Quality Time

All-American Triathletes and Ironman Finishers are tough to find in the same person. Now add Wife, Mother to three and Executive to that list and the number of possible results gets even smaller, doesn’t it? Peel back the passion, dedication and competitiveness that is Sarah Joseph and you’ll find all of those things and more.…

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