Growth Strategy

How To Access and Activate New Markets

If you’re like most organizations, several things are happening at a rapid pace during the first quarter of the year.  For one, you may be into the weeds on completing the year-end process and reporting.  However, you’re probably going to shift very quickly into activating your growth strategy for 2016, if you have one. Within…

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The Strategy of Choice For 2016

Offense. Yes, offense is the name of the game for businesses in the year 2016.  In a fast-changing and hyper-competitive business landscape, fail to put points on the board and you’ll fall behind.  Quickly. In a recent McKinsey report, “Playing to Win”, the new reality of fast to market innovators, emerging market companies, and an…

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3 Strategy Questions That Need Answered Before 2016

Did I happen to catch you in one of your final off-site strategy sessions? Maybe you’re heavy into whiteboarding sessions, department reviews or perhaps, rounding the edges on what will be your go-forward strategy for 2016? If so, perfect timing! As 2015 runs down the final stretch, I thought it would be timely to explore…

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How To Finally Put Your New Product Idea Into Motion [TEMPLATE]

Recently, we had the privilege to help a medium size family business with their overall expansion strategy.  After facing external industry challenges, on-going competitive pressures and plateauing growth, they were primed and ready for a change in approach. While the resulting growth strategy for this particular client was comprehensive, I’ve chosen to share a smaller…

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10 Reasons Why Your Strategy Isn’t Working

Recently, two statistics caught my eye.  Not only do they signal missed opportunity and blatant underperformance, but more importantly, they reveal a ‘door’ that is wide open for your organization to make your move. Kaplan and Norton reports that 90% of organizations fail to successfully implement their strategies.  Even more, the Economist Intelligence Unit shares that…

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How To Think Bigger By Getting Smaller

Having worked with owners and executives in a myriad of organizations, I can count a handful of reasons why their businesses never reach full potential. One of those reasons is the lost art of how to think. We live in a heads-down, always-on, media-run society that wants to suck us into the middle of the…

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The Secret Growth Strategy of the Ant Colony

If you’ve recently moved to the southeast from a northern state, then you’ve also more than likely added a new, monthly service – one that you never expected. After moving to Georgia 5 years ago, we quickly dismissed our realtor’s STRONG recommendation to hire a certain pest control service.  We don’t need a pest control…

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4 Salty Leadership Lessons From The Beach

Your vacation might be right around the corner.  Mine, on the other hand, is quickly fading in the rear-view mirror. As I reflect on a week of 100 + degrees in Florida with 11 family members (6 under the age of 10) packed in one beach house, juggling different time zones, nap times, food interests…

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Which Kind Of Leadership Describes You?

What is the outcome of leadership? Have you ever given this question any real time or thought?  If you haven’t, stop here and give it 30 seconds.  What words, thoughts, images or things come to mind immediately? Fascinating, isn’t it? This question has been doing somersaults for me over the past few days and I…

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