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Brand Strategy

The Key That Unlocks The Door To New Markets [TEMPLATE]

Are you contemplating market expansion for your organization, but aren’t sure how to get access and traction with your product or service?  Perhaps, you’ve expanded to a new market recently, but are not yet resonating with your target audience? When asked ‘what you do and how you’re different’, do you find that your sales, service…

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3 Ways Portfolio Thinking Transforms Business Strategy

What does the word portfolio mean to you? The phrase portfolio can conjure up thoughts of your personal investment portfolio or even, the person who’s entrusted to oversee your personal assets. The entire first page of search results behind the phrase portfolio management delivers items pertaining to investment services or the ‘art or science of matching investment choices to specific objectives’ within one’s…

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How To Access and Activate New Markets

If you’re like most organizations, several things are happening at a rapid pace during the first quarter of the year.  For one, you may be into the weeds on completing the year-end process and reporting.  However, you’re probably going to shift very quickly into activating your growth strategy for 2016, if you have one. Within…

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3 Strategy Questions That Need Answered Before 2016

Did I happen to catch you in one of your final off-site strategy sessions? Maybe you’re heavy into whiteboarding sessions, department reviews or perhaps, rounding the edges on what will be your go-forward strategy for 2016? If so, perfect timing! As 2015 runs down the final stretch, I thought it would be timely to explore…

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How To Finally Put Your New Product Idea Into Motion [TEMPLATE]

Recently, we had the privilege to help a medium size family business with their overall expansion strategy.  After facing external industry challenges, on-going competitive pressures and plateauing growth, they were primed and ready for a change in approach. While the resulting growth strategy for this particular client was comprehensive, I’ve chosen to share a smaller…

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10 Reasons Why Your Strategy Isn’t Working

Recently, two statistics caught my eye.  Not only do they signal missed opportunity and blatant underperformance, but more importantly, they reveal a ‘door’ that is wide open for your organization to make your move. Kaplan and Norton reports that 90% of organizations fail to successfully implement their strategies.  Even more, the Economist Intelligence Unit shares that…

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How To Get Your Business Ready For 2020

Being prepared for an earthquake or tornado is extremely difficult given how fast they strike, with little to no warning at all. Essentially, you are given a few minutes to grab your family and get to an area of cover, pray and hope for the best.  Couple the sudden factor and sheer power of these…

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5 Strategies to Build Your Revenue

Most teams and businesses find revenue building to be the ultimate uphill climb.  They almost always struggle as a pack on the hill, side-by-side, trying to power forward against what seems to be a Tour de France-like incline and headwind. While the uphill climb to generate leads and acquire new customers certainly makes the list of…

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