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The Simple Business Formula That Changes Everything

Any business can have a good year.  The challenge is whether they can do it again. While strategy design is vital to an organization’s growth, this article is less about what is in the strategy binder and more about what you do with it. identifies the word origin of executive to come from the middle…

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The Key That Unlocks The Door To New Markets [TEMPLATE]

Are you contemplating market expansion for your organization, but aren’t sure how to get access and traction with your product or service?  Perhaps, you’ve expanded to a new market recently, but are not yet resonating with your target audience? When asked ‘what you do and how you’re different’, do you find that your sales, service…

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11 Indispensable Fitness Tools for Busy Professionals

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, two of the top five New Year’s resolutions for 2015 center on some kind of fitness-related goal, whether it be ‘getting fit and healthy’ or simply, ‘losing weight’.  Where it gets interesting and scary, from a statistical perspective, is measuring how long people keep their resolutions. Percent of…

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How To Know When You Have Strategy and Culture In Sync

The age-old debate that argues whether organizations should be heavily or even, exclusively focused towards culture or strategy could not be further from the truth. Have you put more emphasis on strategy or culture in your organization?  Do you feel as if one is more important than the other or are they mutually critical? What…

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3 Ways Portfolio Thinking Transforms Business Strategy

What does the word portfolio mean to you? The phrase portfolio can conjure up thoughts of your personal investment portfolio or even, the person who’s entrusted to oversee your personal assets. The entire first page of search results behind the phrase portfolio management delivers items pertaining to investment services or the ‘art or science of matching investment choices to specific objectives’ within one’s…

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How To Access and Activate New Markets

If you’re like most organizations, several things are happening at a rapid pace during the first quarter of the year.  For one, you may be into the weeds on completing the year-end process and reporting.  However, you’re probably going to shift very quickly into activating your growth strategy for 2016, if you have one. Within…

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The Strategy of Choice For 2016

Offense. Yes, offense is the name of the game for businesses in the year 2016.  In a fast-changing and hyper-competitive business landscape, fail to put points on the board and you’ll fall behind.  Quickly. In a recent McKinsey report, “Playing to Win”, the new reality of fast to market innovators, emerging market companies, and an…

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The Gift At The Top Of Everyone’s List

Last week, Delta Airlines announced that they were banning it from their flights.  News stations across the US reported battery issues and the propensity for it to catch fire.  And, Amazon is now urging customers to dispose of it due to safety concerns. So, what exactly is it? Apparently, it’s the hottest and hardest-to-find gift…

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