Todd's Leadership Story

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From a very young age, I remember my mom and dad dragging me and my brother to our family manufacturing business on Saturdays while they both tended to business that needed to be done.  Growing up through high school and college, we learned the family business from the ground up – starting in the factory stocking shelves, sweeping floors, using our hands to make, pack and ship product for customers – hot summers with no air conditioning.  We were raised on commitment, hard work and honesty.

It was only years later that we somehow made it to the office area behind a desk (in a cubicle) to sift through miles of “green-bar” sales reports, pound on keyboards, and create charts and graphs.  This was WAY before, fancy macbooks, and even smart phones.  Inheriting my Dad’s passion for entrepreneurship, I started my own personal training business in college.  Following graduation, I joined the family business and entrenched myself in what felt like a 24 hour-a-day, 365 day-a-year mission to the top.

With an intense desire to “produce” and make an impact, I laddered through a number of sales and marketing leadership roles within the family business as well as several stops in the Fortune 500 world.

Where I would really excel and truly, my passion, was in the one-on-one time spent with individuals (employees and customers alike) educating, coaching and consulting with them on strategies to improve and grow.  Those kinds of interactions are second nature.  It was like I could immediately see the wider circle of potential around their businesses and would proceed to craft the plan to help them realize it.

After marrying my wife of 12 years and becoming ‘Dad’ to 4 children,  I am focused on chasing another kind of potential.  Theirs.  Rooting our family in a strong faith as priority over their lives completes the tightly woven fabric of strong values that is my leadership.

That’s the story behind me.

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