One Step That Changes Everything

Almost as though she was walking on a sheet of ice, she inched her foot forward gently, sliding it as far as her comfort zone would stretch, reaching her hands to ours, and then looked up with her dimple-marked smile.

She did it.  Life as she knew it would never be the same.  And she knew it.

My youngest daughter, Lily, turned 1 in January and just two weeks later, took her first steps on our kitchen hardwood floors.

If you’re a parent, and I know many of you are – you’ll never forget your children’s first few steps.  My wife and I have been through it four times and it’s hands-down, my most favorite milestone.

It’s now April – all of the bumps and bruises are gone.  For now.

In my estimation, there is no better metaphor for leaders as we contemplate the risks associated with taking big steps in our own personal and professional lives.

What step, if taken today, would fundamentally change everything for you?

Yes, that’s the one.  You’ve got it.  Now GO!

Before you know it, you’ll be climbing stairs.


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