Innovation and Expansion Strategy

5 Phrases That Stifle Growth

One of the biggest, present day challenges for organizations of all sizes is innovation.  In fact a large number (65%+) cite innovation to be one of their toughest strategic challenges.  Yet, if you get it right, innovative companies, on average, grow 13% annually as compared to other companies who grew only 5%.  Even further, 5-year compounded growth…

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5 Strategies to Build Your Revenue

Most teams and businesses find revenue building to be the ultimate uphill climb.  They almost always struggle as a pack on the hill, side-by-side, trying to power forward against what seems to be a Tour de France-like incline and headwind. While the uphill climb to generate leads and acquire new customers certainly makes the list of…

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An Exclusive Workshop on Growth Strategy

You’ve just spent several months budgeting and planning for growth in 2015, right?  Don’t you owe it to yourself, your team and your organization to do everything in your power to ensure success? Perhaps you’re hoping that 2015 will be different and that your organization will finally achieve the kind of results it’s capable of? Last November, I polled business executives asking…

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Choosing The Right Growth Strategy For Your Business

This picture reminds me of all of the extra calories that the fast approaching Holiday season will bring.  I also love the picture, as the choice seems so easy, right?  It doesn’t matter which one you pick, it’s all good stuff inside! When it comes to choosing the right growth strategy for your business, it can be very…

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5 Strategic Shifts To Drive Growth In 2015

Do you find yourself frustrated trying to uncover what went wrong with your growth strategy in 2014? Has a recent acquisition failed to deliver the growth you expected? Perhaps you’re getting ready to make another investment and you want to be sure you position the company to capitalize on growth opportunity? It’s these questions that…

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How Two Come-from-Behind Brands Changed the Game

One brand decided it was time.  The other brand decided to design and build an icon. Last week, two very unlikely brands announced forthcoming innovations that will deliver a higher level of value and consumer experience never before seen in their respective markets. They both raised the bar on their industries and did so with…

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How To Change Entire Industries

If you’re failing to achieve the kind of traction you desire with your business, you may be plugged into the wrong source for growth. Identifying where you will source your growth is one of the most commonly missed steps in designing the right strategy for your business.  Unfortunately, if you fail to get it right, it…

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The Bold Road to Growth

It is fascinating to consider the end-to-end journey a person, business or other endures to move from a current state to an enhanced state of being. Also referred to as change.  Or, better yet, growth. Sequence of events might look something like the following:Urgent trigger event occurs signaling possible need for change Trigger event leads…

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Why You Need to Play Connect Four with Your Children

We recently celebrated summer birthdays for my two boys before school let out so that their friends could attend before summer vacations.  My three older children are now very skilled at strategically hovering during the present opening to find the one gift that the birthday kid does not appear interested-in and are quick to “snatch-and-run”.…

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