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IBM Executive Takes Leadership Personally

Whatever happened to personal accountability and responsibility? It’s become too easy to point the finger, pass the buck or ask for the handout.  In a world that has conditioned us with ‘easy-way-outs’ and ‘feel good entitlements’, we’ve lost a sense of what it means to take responsibility. This week’s executive interview spotlights IBM Technology Solutions…

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Can Exercise Really Make You A Better Leader?

What does building your body have to do with building organizations and people? After cultivating a life-long passion and habit for a fitness regimen as well as an always on, “watch-what-you-eat” discipline, let me give you my personal opinion in one word: Everything. Here’s the deal.  You can get the science-backed detail and the case…

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Here’s What Mom Doesn’t Realize

This article was adopted from a popular post I authored exactly one year ago today, entitled One Word For Mom.  You can read the original here.  My one word has not changed – in fact, I am even more passionate about it. Once again, with Mother’s Day weekend upon us, I have given time and…

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Will You Go There With Them?

This is not the first time I’ve posted an article with a heading picture of my kids, nor will it be the last.  If nothing else, a picture of children having this kind of fun evokes a certain uncapped potential for growth that can be very invigorating and fulfilling. Children exemplify what it’s like to…

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